with the most modern desktop publishing tools, we study the graphic design for every type of communication


we produce prints of any kind enriched by relief and hot impressions, glossy or opaque plastic, painted u.v ...


we create interactive websites and interactive catalogs with multimedia add-ons for every kind of need


together with our publishing house, the B&B editions, we are always open to new writers and the publication of their writings


Comunicarte produces prints of all kinds enriched by relief and hot impression, glossy or opaque plastered, varnished u.v. At full bottom or with image reserve.
From paper or synthetic printing using a traditional offset or rotoffset method, to the most sophisticated and innovative digital printing system that allows the production of minimal quantities quickly and at a low cost.
Our reliable, next generation fleet reserves us more time to devote more attention to quality, while accurate packaging and careful delivery guarantee us to dress up the best in molds and to protect it from any damage.
The different locations:
Mozzate with 4 people graphic design and digital printing
Bergamo in 2,000 meters of production shed
Distinct professionalism allows us to better distribute our strengths and to separate the different needs of our customers.
Attention is also paid to the respect of the environment through constant research and integration into the various stages of processing innovative methods that allow us to spin off a product that is attentive to nature.

Brochures, catalogs and folders

They are indispensable showcases on which to display their products or services.
These advertising vehicles, must enclose in a small space all the elements that distinguish the company. The final product should be harmonious, the visual impact on the whole should be pleasant to look and practical and easy to read.
To get a successful product copy (s) are crucial. They must be both comprehensible, complete and never too technical or boring, because the brochure or brochure must, talk about our work, tell the details and offer the tools needed to contact us or to reach us.
We communicate, design and make catalogs, brochures and brochures taking into account these rules, to present the products at their best. We are studying the best ways to maximize the visual impact and ease of interpretation of business.
A well-researched and prepared brochure from our graphic studio allows for printing with targeted and safe advertising.

Block notes

An advertising message that travels hand in hand, what notes, evidences, faxes or folds ends up in the wallet and even when it's unused looks at you from your desk.

Comprised of multiple sheets in A4 and A5 sizes, they allow you to enter a commercial message beyond your company's data, but they must be discrete and have a large useful area for writing. The most sophisticated have a cover that serves to embellish them with that artistic or photographic touch.


One of the most important and current tools to get started, and above all to build customer relationship, contributes to the spread of the brand and enhances the value of customer service.

And these are just two of the benefits of a valuable newsletter.
You comunicarte offers:

  • Analysis and definition of objectives and targets;
  • Study and proposal of the contents to be included in the newsletter;
  • Scheduling of the sending periodicity;
  • Realization of texts and images;
  • Layout creation and its html programming;
  • Generalized or personalized shipment for each user in the presence of usable identification data;
  • Sending the newsletter together with the email or sending just a text with the web address where to view the newsletter with subsequent tracking of the user tracking;
  • Verification and control of the results and objectives achieved.

Postcards and flyers

Sometimes making your voice heard becomes difficult because people seem to have less and less time and want to stop to consider the important things in life.
In these cases, a flyer can be a silent witness to the fact that, even a long time away, it can bring its message to the destination.

To the graphics of your flyers we think about it!
Comunicarte realizes at a low price the graphics with the possibility of editing and revising the draft of the flyers up to the full approval so as to respond perfectly to the needs of the customer, also providing advice on the realization and on which format to use to maximize the result and make the Even more efficient advertising campaign.
All of our prints are 4/4 color duplex with a photographic quality to ensure that the flyers have an exceptional visual output, and also communicate with them using high quality FSC certified papers to give you a hand to the environment.


The quality graphic design of a menu should always take the look and feel of the site into consideration, to see what is really on offer to the public.

The menu of a sophisticated restaurant requires a stylish design without the clutter of food images, the opposite to this and indicated in a youthful restaurant where vibrant images should prevail.

The dedication you dedicate to this is important to ensure that the menu can capture the look of the environment. Proper design of a menu is mainly related to the print characters that are used: in some cases they are too small or too large and legibility is penalized.

Ultimately, for menu printing, you do not have to underestimate the presentation, and if a customer asks you how to remember, you definitely enjoyed your venue right from that.


From table, wall, planning, pocket.
There is a great though mystery everyday.
All men participate, but very few stop to think about it. Almost everyone just takes it as it comes and they are not surprised at all.

This mystery is the time.

There are clocks and calendars to measure it, measurements of little significance, because we all know that sometimes one hour can appear to be eternity, and another passes in a moment ... depends on what we live in this time .
Because time is life, and life dwells in the heart ... "

Create your time with the images of your loved ones, your friends in the most beautiful moments so you do not leave them, but bring them with you all the time or just for an hour but an hour of eternity.
Photos of the most appealing ones can instead reflect, if printed on a calendar, the image of your business.

Banners and Posters

Great Format. Banners, posters, posters.

For large advertising: banners, banners, posters serve equipment that can process and print, on weatherproof media, any image in digital format.

Designed by an expert graphic designer, it must be distinguished for its communicative effectiveness through the use of the appropriate color and attentive to its durability over time.

The achievements of communicating are characterized by quality, speed and precision at the service of your imagination.


Advertising stickers are printed on pvc and shaped in shapes according to your needs.

Printed digital printers have a greater definition of the streaks and excellent color rendition than silk-screen printing. You can get any shade and photo image with very high definition.

Comunicarte uses printers and cutter plotters that eliminate the costs of making the dies, with considerable savings on the cost of the finished product.

Adhesives are easy to apply even on flat, curved, concave and convex surfaces, adhere instantly, and resist water, weather and UV rays.
They find their use in any type of advertising activity.

A promotional sticker is a great gadget to distribute to deliver a promotional message for events, promotions, rallies, concerts, and events in general.

Motion Advertising

The decoration of the company automobile brings your image from the customer and around the streets.

A unique and permanent decoration, with digital printing stickers and carving stickers, can be an effective and complementary complement to other initiatives.

Reproduce faithfully the corporate logo by highlighting your advertising message requires mastery of decorative and graphic techniques with which you communicate it to ensure a result with a strong visual impact.

Some of our works


Express through images,
Generate emotions
As in a gesture with imagination and precision,
Are the starting point for communicating,
Alongside their customers
In the world of visual communication,
Timeless language

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